By Madeleine Burke

Due to the recent valiant Omicron in the COVID-19 pandemic, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) decided to take new measures to prevent the spread of the virus. The new changes to the award ceremony have sparked some recent controversy and disappointment from viewers at home. This once extravagant award ceremony is facing serious adaptations due to Omicron!   

The Golden Globes have been an annual tradition in pop culture for almost 80 years, but in 2022 this famous award ceremony is starting to look a little different. The most recent adaptation is the elimination of the famous and extravagant red carpet. 

There is also the significant change of a no audience show with all attendees needing some proof of vaccination, a booster shot, and a negative PCR test taken in the last 48 hours in order to participate. The association released a statement saying, “Because of the current pandemic surge, health and safety remain a top priority for the HFPA.”

Even with the controversy and surge of Omicron cases the Golden Globes carried on for January 9th! However, it was without an audience, actors, or even press. Unfortunately, that meant no nominees, red carpet, or heart-tugging acceptance speeches. The infamous ceremony was truly not the same as previous years. The awards were done in the traditional spot in the Ballroom of Beverly Hilton with only certain HFPA members being honored throughout the night. Viewers won’t catch this glittering ceremony on T.V this year. Instead, people from home can catch the awards from a livestream. Omicron and surges in Covid-19 cases have truly shown that it’s almost impossible to pull off such an ostentatious award show while in a pandemic!   

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