By: Arushi Dugar

The NFL Super Bowl is a big event that happens every year and draws a huge crowd from all over America. People come to cheer on their favorite team or just watch grown men tackle each other and fight for a 3D oval-shaped ball because that’s cool. But in any case, this event has gained a huge amount of popularity over the years and is hosted in a separate place each year. This year it is happening at the SoFi stadium in Los Angeles California, and guess what… the LA Rams are still in the running for the Super Bowl, that is going to be quite a crazy home game if they qualify. In the divisional round, 3 road teams won and all games were determined by game-winning field goals. As for the Chiefs and the Bills, it was neck and neck throughout the match. They were going back and forth between touchdowns and regular time ended with the Chiefs tying the game with yet another field goal. In overtime, the Chiefs won the coin toss and went on to score the game-winning touchdown qualifying for the next round. After a roller coaster of games in the divisional qualifier AKA quarter-finals. The Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs have qualified for the AFC championship. In the NFC championship, we have the LA Rams and the San Francisco 49ers. Now comes time for the well-thought-out and statistically proven predictions for which two teams are going to go to the SUPER BOWL, every footballer’s dream. So as you might know the next round is the semi-finals which mean there is going to be some hot competition and intense football. First for the AFC championship, even though I am bitter about the Browns not being able to qualify I am a fellow Ohioan and therefore my vote lies with the Bengals and I am rooting for their victory. But it may not be so easy. The Kansas City Chiefs made it to the Super Bowl last year but ended up losing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So they have experience and a lot of talent that makes them very capable to go to the finals yet again this year. As for the Rams and 49ers, they are pretty evenly matched. They have had their ups and downs but I am betting a lot on the Rams considering they will want to be part of the game taking place in their hometown on their turf. Overall, the matches will be exciting to watch and the battle will be till the last second for all these teams. They have come so far and it would be a shame to go home this close to holding the trophy. The two teams going to the Super Bowl will be decided on January 30 but whoever goes it will be an amazing game to watch. So get ready and excited for the Super Bowl on February 13 and for the greatest battle in Super Bowl history as the final two teams go head to head in a thrilling competition.