By Stephanie Schloss and Suzanna Sleeth

Valentine’s day is all about spending time with those that make you happy!! This year, Valentine’s Day falls on Monday, February 14th. Although we have school, the season for love can start early! Here are some ideas of what you can do with family, friends, or a significant other: 

Go out to brunch!

Whether it’s fancy or chill, a fun early-afternoon meal with your favorite people to celebrate and spend time with each other is always a super fun idea!  

Write a Letter!

Handwritten messages are priceless. Writing a letter is just as gratifying as receiving one. It makes you reflect upon good memories, and share them with a person you truly care about. 


Take the weekend or Monday night to try out a new recipe and treat yourself and your family to something delicious. Even better, make it a heart shape or decorate it with valentine’s day colors!! 

Make the classics: Red velvet cupcakes, heart shaped cookies, dark chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate fondue, etc. 

Self Care!

Treat yourself! Whether it’s piling up on blankets, putting on a face mask, taking a bubble bath, or dancing in the mirror, giving yourself love is a great way to celebrate YOU. 


Chilly weather can’t stop you from going and exploring the great outdoors! Bundle up and take your significant other, friends, or family on a fun hike. Don’t forget to take pictures!!


If the weather holds, grab a slay (that may be in storage) and find a hill. Call someone up for a good laugh and bundle up. Running uphill with snow pants is also a great workout. 

Binge a New TV Show!

Whether it’s catching up on the Bachelor/Bachelorette or starting a new series, it’s always fun to have a chill day in with your favorite people/person and find something fun to watch. 

Go shopping!

Take your friend or significant other to a store of your choice and pick out an outfit for each other. Wait until you get home to have a fashion show! Save the receipt! you can always take it back 😉

 Ice Skating!

Find an indoor rink near you and take your friends or significant other to skate for a while! Bring gloves and try not to fall, unless you’re falling in love. 😉