By Ally Hudson

Many people find winter to be a sad and lonely time, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you feel isolated or just cold, there are numerous ways to make your wintertime better. Here are a few activities that you can do to bring some joy to your life.

Winter photos  📸

While the winter may be cold, it can also be very beautiful. The snow on the trees and covering the ground can make for a very great picture. If you enjoy photography or just simply being outside this might be the thing for you. Step one, find somewhere to take pictures. It might be fun to recruit some friends too! Step two, use your phone or a camera to capture some amazing moments.

Ice skate ⛸

With freezing temperatures comes ice. A common but maybe unknown activity is ice skating. If you have a good balance or you’re just looking to go outside your comfort zone ice skating might be for you. If you live near a big city there is probably ice skating. At first, it may be hard to skate but then you’ll get the hang of it. This is a perfect activity to grab a sibling or a friend and create amazing memories!  

Bake ☕️

Who doesn’t want a yummy treat during the holidays? A fun and easy activity could be baking. There are so many recipes out there you can make anything from cinnamon buns, peppermint brownies, or Christmas cookies to hot chocolate! Enjoying treats that you love can always brighten your day. Baking goodies to bring to a friend could also fill the cold with some love and warmth. So if you’re ever wondering how to spend your winter evening, just bake!