By Ayden Magence

For the past few weeks, I (and some of my friends) have been trying Starbucks holiday drinks and rating them. After about three weeks these are all the holiday drinks I could try and if I recommend them or not:

Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte – 

Rating: 5/10

Description: It’s ok. However, there is no distinguishable ‘sugar cookie’ taste or sweetness to it. It is like a normal latte. But this latte still tastes fine.

Recommend: No

Caramel Brulee Latte – 

Rating: 8/10

Tried By: Yael Kaufmen 

Description: This delicacy is absolutely delicious. Everyone loves a good latte but with a punch of caramel to add the extra flavor, it’s even better. Although I do like Frappuccino‘s, in general, more so I only gave it an eight out of ten even though it’s great.  

Recommend: Yes

Toasted White Chocolate Mocha – 

Rating: 9/10

Description: It was a very good drink, but it was very sweet. If you are planning on getting this drink just remember how sweet it is. It is also super festive and good for the holiday season.

Recommend: Yes

Peppermint Mocha –

Rating: 7.5/10

Tried By: Amira Horowitz

Description: A lot of beverages on a cold day. Nothing could be bad about this drink. It’s warm and definitely has a good amount of chocolate which I liked but the thing about peppermint mocha is that you have to like the taste of peppermint which for me sometimes tastes like toothpaste. Overall it is a good drink for a cold day!

Recommend: Yes

Peppermint Hot Cocoa –

Rating: 6/10

Description: I’m not that into minty things but this was ok. It was very sweet and chocolaty which are things I really like, but the mint kinda ruined it for me. This gets a 6/10 because although I did not really like it I know there is a lot of people who love minty stuff so it gets a couple of extra points.

Recommend: Yes, but only if you like minty stuff

Carmel Brule Frappe – 

Rating: 4/10

Description: This is basically just the latte but in a frappe. However, it is VERY VERY sweet. Even though I love sweet things this drink was a little too much for me.

Recommend: No

Chestnut Praline Frappe –

Rating: 7/10

Description: I don’t usually like to get frappes but this drink was pretty good!. It was very nutty but also kinda gingerbready. I would recommend it but not over some of the other drinks on this list.

Recommend: Yes