By: Maggie Reef

As many of you probably already know, Taylor Swift released a ten minute version of  “All Too Well.” Along with this song, she released a short film starring Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien. If you’ve already watched it, I’m sure you loved it. However, if you haven’t gotten to watch it yet or are skeptical about it, I am here to give my personal opinion. 

I think the short film was brilliant. Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien are two very talented actors and they did an excellent job at bringing the story of the song to life. Before watching the film, I saw Sadie Sink as the young teenager in Stranger Things. Her role in the short film is a twenty-year-old girl and I think she really showed that she is not just the girl from Stranger Things. She had to play a very mature role and her acting was so realistic. Dylan O’Brien was also very convincing. I know that many people like Dylan O’Brien (myself included), and he had to play a very unlikeable character. His performance was excellent because by the end of the film I was very mad and annoyed with him. 

The direction by Taylor Swift was incredible. Her attention to detail is amazing. She left so many little easter eggs and allusions to previous songs in the video. Of course, if you aren’t obsessed with Taylor Swift you might not catch all of these things, but I’m sure you will still enjoy the film. 

I think I loved how emotionally intense the short film is. I am the person who cries at every movie, and I love to watch movies that will make me cry. While I don’t think this film is quite long enough to sob, it is very sad and might produce a few tears. It is very engaging, I just couldn’t stop watching for one second. 

Overall, I absolutely LOVED watching this. I have watched it over and over again, so many times. I would definitely recommend this to anyone whether you are a Taylor Swift fan or not.