by Isla Rollinson

There is no question that school can be extremely stressful, and as the school year is picking up and the stress is heightening, it can be difficult to handle. With tests and homework piling up summarily, it has become very easy to get overwhelmed and unhappy. With this, I thought I would give you all 4 tips on how to deal with stress, school, and the challenges of being a high school student. 

To start, it’s important to maintain some sort of routine. A solid routine will keep you in line and make you feel as though you are centered in some way. This could be anything that you choose, small or big. For example, making a breakfast smoothie every morning or picking out your outfit the night before are things that will keep you in some sort of routine and structure. Things like these can help keep your life from being overwhelming and ultimately reduce some aspects of your stress. 

Secondly, it is important to stay organized. I know that this can be an extremely difficult task, but it will really keep you in check during the week. Clutter and cluttered areas can cause stress and reduce your productivity. Cleaning your room, keeping a planner, and organizing your notes and homework are extremely helpful in leading a successful school day. Personally, I find it very hard to keep organized and it is something I have always struggled with. To help with this, I started organizing my room, desk, and notes every Sunday night. This helped me reset for the week and give myself a healthy start to the week. Small things like this can help you maintain a calm mind during school. 

One of the most productive and significant stress management techniques is having a calming outlet. A calming outlet is an activity personalized to you that helps you calm down and makes you happy. This could be playing a sport, listening to music, going for a walk, or watching your favorite movie or TV show. Your calming outlet should always be an area where you kind feel peace and not have to think about your stress. Whenever you feel overly stressed or overwhelmed, take some time to indulge in your calming outlet. This can do wonders for your stress management skills. 

Finally, and probably the most important technique would be to take care of yourself. Although this is the most important technique, it can be the most easily ignored tactic. Taking care of yourself is essential to your mental health, especially when it comes to school. Self care can be as extravagant or as simple as you need it to be. Your mental health should come first and you should always try to keep it in mind when navigating the stress of school. It is also important to never feel guilty about taking care of yourself. I often feel guilty if I decide to stop my homework early in order to catch up on sleep. You should never feel guilty about taking care of yourself. 

School is stressful and hard, no doubt; but there are many ways to manage these stresses in a healthy way. I hope that these tips have given you some tools for navigating the school year!