By Meredith Stewart and Seema Casey

Cinnamon Croissant 10/10

This is one of my favorite items from the Hath Caff. It’s basically a normal cinnamon roll but more flaky and buttery, like a croissant. The simple vanilla glaze melts in your mouth and there’s just enough of it to cover the entire roll. The cinnamon filling in the middle is distributed evenly on the inside of the roll which mak`es for the perfect balance of sweet glaze, flavorful spices, and salty pastry in every bite. The only downside of this pastry is that it’s a little messy to eat, especially without a plate, since the dough is so flaky. Regardless, I would definitely recommend this Hath Caff item for breakfast or a midday snack. 

Chocolate chip scone 10/10

This is another one of my favorite treats to get from the Hath Caff. It’s a pretty big scone with chocolate chips and pecans on the inside. The chocolate chips are nicely distributed throughout the pastry making each bite a perfect mix of sweet chocolate and salty scone dough. One of the reasons I prefer this scone to others is that it isn’t as dry as your typical scone. Scones are supposed to be dry, but the bit of moisture in this one puts it a step above others of its kind. It’s safe to say, you won’t be disappointed with this pastry!

Iced coffee w half and half 8/10

I usually order this coffee from the Hath Caff twice a week along with one of the pastries mentioned above for my breakfast. This coffee does a decent job of waking me up in the morning which is exactly what I need it to do. I definitely like more cream in my coffee than a lot of people, but sometimes this coffee is a bit heavy on the cream even for me. Usually, it’s exactly what you would expect from your basic iced coffee, so if you ever need a morning or midday pick me up, this is a solid option!

Macaroons 9/10 

I’ve only ordered the pack of macaroons once and the two flavors for that week were raspberry chocolate and matcha. They looked so pretty on the outside and were filled with a creamy filling on the inside. I’ve always liked macaroons especially the salted caramel flavor so I decided to try the ones the Hath Cafe sold and they were really good. Especially with them being home made by an HB student, they tasted like they were made by a professional pastry chef. 

Brownies 9/10

Along with the cinnamon croissant, this is another one of my favorite items from the Hath Cafe. It has the right amount of chocolate and sugar sprinkled at the top. It’s also the perfect size because it does a good job of filling you in the morning if you haven’t eaten breakfast that day. It’s soft and chewy on the inside and a tad crunchy on the outside and it’s best eaten with an iced coffee on the side. 

Strawberry lemonade 10/10 

I usually order this lemonade twice or three times a week because besides the fact that it tastes really good, it’s also really refreshing. It’s a cup of lemonade with ice and has a few pumps of strawberry flavoring that makes the drink taste both sour and sweet. Although it is lemonade made from powder and water, it tastes really good so I definitely recommend it.