by Carolyn Jiang and Olivia Nordstrom


Olivia: I love this dress on her. I love the mix of see-through fabric with the jewels. I think it’s the perfect outfit for her specifically, I’m not sure if other people could pull this off. 

Carolyn: I think Kendall really understood the assignment with something that is bold but also traditional. The dress’s shape fits her well. The sparkles are a good touch.

Emma Chamberlin

Olivia: I LOVE. I watched her youtube video on how she got ready, and it was really entertaining. She also interviewed many celebrities on the Red Carpet and killed it.

Carolyn: She should be the only internet influencer invited to the Met Gala. She absolutely killed this look. I love the extra little side piece that’s on the floor. It really adds another level to the look. The shoes, 10/10 perfect match. 


Olivia: I HATE THIS. I don’t see how it fits the theme. I have a feeling she’s just trying to get publicity or promote Kanye’s album (which is better than Drake’s). I heard theories its a random person and not Kim but I think it’s just dumb

Carolyn: This look is absolutely terrible. I don’t know what she was doing with this look but it didn’t work. This was the time of the year to stunt and flex and she decided to wear this, not creative at all. 

Lil Nas X

Olivia: I love the idea of having multiple outfits, especially when they all coordinate. Each phase of his outfit is a layer that corresponds with being a soldier or king. He looks glamourous and I love the outfit. 10/10

Carolyn: I think he executed these outfits very nicely. He stays consistent with this medieval royalty theme. I think his outfits really broke through the glass ceiling. 

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna

Olivia: I feel like both outfits are bulky and off-putting. ASAP Rocky looks like a knitted blanket on top of black sheets (Rihanna). I just don’t love these outfits although they’re not the worst I’ve seen.

Carolyn: I honestly don’t know what to say about ASAP Rocky’s outfit. He looks like a spilled box of Captain Crunch cereal. But there is something about it that I do like, I don’t know how to explain it but something about it is appealing.