by Ayden Magence, Madeleine Burke, and Ally Hudson

Where Styles started with fashion: In the picture below we can see at the beginning of Styles’ music career in 2010 he was not as outgoing with what he wore in public or on the stage. Style’s was more on the shy side and preferred to wear darker, more mellow colors and styles of clothing. These darker more ‘masculine’ styles of clothing was the expectation of how society believed Styles should dress, but we see how different Styles feels about fashion as his music career grows.  Overall, fashion has developed drastically over the past decade and Style’s fashion choices have developed as well!

Where he is now:

Controversy in response to Style’s fashion choices: In this December edition of Vogue, Harry Styles made history as the first male to cover Vogue magazine solo. Styles was posted on the cover in a jacket and dress, Styles was highly praised on his outfit choice fans saying he was “breaking gender stereotypes” Styles previously stated that growing up he always enjoyed dressing up, and sees his outfit choices as a way of creating. Fans on twitter raved about this outfit choice exclaiming, “I didn’t know seeing Harry Edward Styles in a dress and skirt was all I ever needed.” However, there was negative backlash on these outfit choices, A commentator from the conservative party, Candace Owens sparked controversy with her comment to, “bring back manley men.” Styles showed his lack of care for others’ toxic masculinity, and continues to exceed societies’ standards with his bold outfits. With Harry Styles back on tour across the States his stage outfits continue to advance and become more bold as a way of expressing himself. 

How he stands out: Early on in his career he made it clear that he was bold in his outfit choices, for example in 2010 when he was caught wearing a onesie in the middle of London.

 Two years later at the 2012 Logie Awards he wore a light blue jacket and a black bow tie, which was a much more unique option than the rest of his group who were all playing it safe with their fashion choices.

 In 2014 his style developed more and we start to see it really take shape, he went from wearing somewhat unique and “quirky” outfits to bold standouts, such as he went to the British Fashion Awards in a black and red striped suit. Over time, we see Styles come out of his shell with new outfits. Instead of the classic black suit he goes for more of a patterned suit with new colors.


 In 2015 his only continued to grow bolder and more stylish, when One Direction performed on “Good Morning America” Harry wore a silk gold and black bomber jacket with a nature-like design while the rest of the group played it safe, once again solidifying his reputation as the bold one of the group.

Two years after One Direction broke up in 2015, Harry Styles was seen in a hot pink suit while on the “The Today Show” in May of 2017, this was only a month after the release of his popular single Sign of the Times.

Throughout 2017-2018 Harry Styles wears some of the most extravagant suits that really stand out. This became a signature look for him and he wore his unique suits to many of his concerts and events.

Shown below are some examples of Harry’s bold suit choices

Why are his fashion choices significant?: From flare pants to hot pink suits, skirts, and dresses Styles has explored the realm of fashion beyond male standards. He embraces bright colors and bold fabrics. Styles is not afraid for the world to see these bold choices as well. Styles not only encourages young girls to embrace their true selves, he also encourages young men and boys to break against gender stereotypes in how society believes men should dress and behave. Harry Styles continues to use his influence to create new music and encourage fans and others to be true to themselves in how they dress, just as he does.  

At the 2019 Met Gala Harry styles continued to outshine the rest and wore a black jumpsuit with a black see-through sheer top and a one pearl earring with several interesting rings. The theme this year was Camp: Notes on Fashion, it celebrated the unnatural and artistic side of fashion, and Harry Styles embodied this theme perfectly. 

In December of 2020 Harry Styles made history and was the first man to ever be on the cover of Vogue, he went against both gender and fashion norms and wore a long gray-blue dress with a black trim, he wore a simple black blazer in order to complete the look.

The 2021 Brit awards Harry showed up in a four toned suit. Not only did he pull up with a stunning suit complete with a Gucci purse. Additionally, he won Best British single for Watermelon Sugar!

Harry Styles had truly changed the way many will view fashion. He was bold and went against the fashion norms by experimenting with accessories, such as boas, and fedoras, and not being afraid to stand out from his peers. He has clearly shown development from when he was first seen wearing a onesie in the middle of London to today he is on the cover of magazines in extravagant and bold suits and dresses. 

HSLOT outfits: The exciting news of Styles being back on tour not only brings new and bold music but also the style choices that Harry makes every night. In the past, fans have witnessed Harry’s bold outfits he would wear on tour, but for his 2021 Love on Tour we see him take fashion to a new level! Styles never fails to impress the crowd with sequins and flare pants. This gives not only a musical but also a captivating visual experience for fans. 

Harry pictured with a pink Gucci sequin outfit. He is notorious for being bold with his looks. Especially for Love On Tour opening night.

Harry is pictured wearing cream flare trousers with a silk violet blouse.

What can we expect next from Harry in terms of fashion and touring?: Harry Styles is one of the most popular artists to be on tour during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Harry and his band will be taking all precautions necessary to keep audience members safe. Throughout the tour, audience members are expected to wear a mask and provide a negative covid test or proof of vaccination. Along with safety precautions, audience members can expect an exciting and interactive time with Harry. Fans have commented saying that Style’s solo concerts are much different from his concerts with One Direction, but the crowds are still like no other. Most fans are respectful to the others around them and make the concerts a really outstanding experience. Many fans say that his concerts feel like a safe place. Harry’s fashion choices and stage presence have an undeniable affect on how audience members feel while he’s on tour. Harry’s daring and outgoing personality and fashion choices provide a safe environment for fans to feel like their true, unconditional selves. 

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