By Anya Pavlidis

Everyone knows how hard it is to stay focused and get work done, especially when you have an overwhelming amount of homework to complete, not to mention any extracurricular activities to participate in. It can be hard for students to balance their school life and home life. Factors that lead to these issues are procrastination, stress and anxiety, lack of sleep, disorganization, and the list continues. However, this ongoing issue may have a simple solution. We have access to thousands of different apps on our phones which are designed to help students stay more organized.

Here are 5 helpful apps students can use to focus, boost productivity, and help with organization: 

Tide (

Voted “App Store Best” in 2017, it is no surprise that people find Tide helpful thanks to the many offered features. There are four main options to choose from when the app is opened; focus, sleep, nap, and breath. Ambient sounds, timers, alarms, and guided meditations can be easily accessed through the simple yet aesthetic layout of the app. Tide is offered for Iphone and Android users and is free to download. 

Notion (

There are endless ways to use the app Notion, but for students templates can be used for agendas, to do lists, and digital note taking. Users can personalize their own template with pictures, fonts, and icons to suit their own needs. This app is available on almost all platforms, but is easier to manage on a computer or laptop through Chrome. 

Forest (

By digitally “planting a tree” through Forest, users cannot exit the app for a set time without a warning showing up on their phone that guides them back to the app. When you don’t use your phone for the set time, a tree will be added to your digital forest and currency can be earned to purchase and plant real trees. The goal of this app is to limit the amount of times the user checks their phone, and is an easy way to track productivity through the number of trees planted and for how long. The app is free for Android users. Forest can be purchased through the App Store for $1.99 for IOS devices. 

Acloset (

Some people find it hard to pick out outfits to wear to school. With Acloset, you can take pictures of a clothing item and it will be added to your digital closet. You can plan outfits and add them to the calendar in the app. Acloset will even create outfits based on the weather of your location. Now, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed when picking an outfit in the morning when you have access to your closet through your phone. This app is available for Iphone and Android users. 

Any music app (

Listening to music has been proven to boost your mood and help you focus. Spotify or Apple Music are amongst the most popular music streaming apps. By making playlists for different tasks, using these apps are an easy way to stream your favorite songs wherever you go. 

Finally, it’s important for everyone to remember this quote:

 “The key to success is to start before you are ready.”