By: Arushi Dugar & Kenleigh Black

There is nothing better than a spooky season and dressing up as your favorite character or scaring people with a crazy mask. In our opinion, the spooky season is the best time to get creative, but we know there are already many costumes out there to choose from. What are you going to be dressing up as this year? Well if you don’t know, we’re here to give you some ideas. To start off the haunting hours of halloween, this article will be discussing the five most popular costumes we will most likely see roaming neighborhood streets.

  1. Space Jam- Basketball player Lebron James starred in the remake of the iconic movie Space Jam, following the popular characters of Looney Tunes. This remake made 159 million dollars in box office sales making it this year’s biggest Warner bros release.

2. Another anticipated release earlier this year was Black Widow. Her first solo debut movie. Over the years Marvel has been among one of the few anticipated movie franchises, with Black Widow making 379.4 million in box office sales so far being released on October 6.

3. Squid Game – I think after the recent release of the show we are going to see many costumes of the players and the staff. This has been a very popular show in the past few weeks and is top watched on Netflix right now. Are you going to be player 456 or player 067 or the masked men?

4. Fairies – There is no significance behind becoming a fairy but I have a feeling from the things I have heard and seen we will be seeing many fairies this year and of all age groups. It could cute innocent fairies to a very different and creative take on fairies. This may be a simple yet impactful costume for halloween.

4. Covid Related – With our crazy past year and a half it would not be surprising seeing people dressed up as Covid or different faces on a Zoom call. There is nothing we haven’t been through from not being able to leave the house to going from free breathing to face masks. Covid has created many problems but maybe it has benefited some people in a way. This Halloween dressing up with a Covid theme may just be the thing we need to see how real and impactful this past year and a half has been.