By Ariella Solooki

Over the summer I watched the movie The Kissing Booth 3 and it was definitely a disappointment compared to the first two movies. The movie is about a girl named Elle who is caught up in between her best friend Lee Flynn and her boyfriend Noah Flynn. Her and her best friend Lee have been friends since they were very little and had made a promise to each other that they would go to college together. Lee is going to Berkeley and Noah is going to harvard. Now that Noah, Elle’s boyfriend, is in her life, she needs to make the decision of whether she will attend Berkeley or harvard. It was the hardest decision for her to make but she decided on going to Harvard with her boyfriend. Lee gets very upset and so to make it up to Lee they decide to finish their bucket list that they made when they were little over the summer. Meanwhile, the Flynns are selling their 80 year old beach house so Elle, Flynn and Noah decide to throw a big party there before they sell it.  At the party one of Elles old lovers, Marco, showed up. Elle had to start juggling the situation of Marco and Noah and between all the Chaos, she struggles to manage time for Lee. Since Elle and Noah were constantly fighting, he decided it was best to end the relationship with Elle and in the middle of this craziness he found out that he was exempting her offer to Harvard only to be with Noah. Noah didn’t didn’t want Elle to make a long life decision based on love. Noah wanted her to go to Berkeley where he knew she belonged and where she had always wanted to go to be with Lee. After her breakup with Noah she also ended her friendship with Lee and the three of them ended up parting ways. Elle applied to USC and ended up getting a job in a small video game firm, Lee and Rachel are planning on getting married and Noah has become a furnished Layer. Personally, I hated how this book ended because I feel in the past two movies the characters Lee, Elle and Noah all go through so much together and have such a tight bond that would last forever and after three movies they end with not even being friends anymore and parting their own ways. I think this third movie in particular was not well organized and it almost felt very rushed and put together in a very fast manner.