By Chloe Eghobamien


Volleyball is doing pretty well this season. They are currently ranked 131st in the state and they started at 262nd. They had an amazing win against Beaumont taking them to 5 sets and not giving up until the end. Even though they lost the first two sets they came bag swinging and won the next three. Even better news, Meghan Gannon reached 1000 career digs close to the beginning of the season. Good Job Meg!! Special shout out to Sophia Tully on JV who scored 12 aces in a row against CVCA. Her serve is definitely something to be afraid of. 

Field Hockey

Field Hockey is doing well this season. JV won their games in Columbus and Cincinnati representing HB well. Varsity lost their Columbus game but finished strong and won in Cincinnati. JV’s best games have been Kent Roosavelt, Shaker, and Walsh. Helen Breen scored her 40th career goal during our game against Stow, which they ended up winning 4-0. Great Job Helen! Senior night was a success and the Blazers won 7-0 against Laurel. 


Soccer is having a good season so far. Katrina Santelli scored her 50th career goal in our game against Stow, which the Blazers won! She was the 5th person of all time to score 50 career goals at HB! Senior night was a great game and the Blazers won 10 to 2 against Valley Forge. This game had one of the best student sections of the season. 


Tennis is keeping up their reputation of state champions well. Senior night was a blast and they won! Sarah Cimoroni and Kailey Takaoka competed at sectionals last week. Good luck at States!


Helen Breen scored 40th career field hockey goal
Meghan Gannon reached 1000 career digs

Katrina Santelli reached 50 career soccer goals


Dig- A pass received from a hit in volleyball

Ace- When a ball is served and the other team touches it 1 time or less (the team that served the ball gets the point in this instance)

Set- Varsity volleyball games are best of 5 sets, which are games played to 25 points.