By Ally Mills

Shark Tank is an American classic. Not only does it make you feel like an intellectual when watching the show, it’s inspiring to witness entrepreneurs living out their american dream. Having seen almost every episode produced, I’m qualified (enough) to rate a few of these products.  

  1. The Original Comfy 

This is an absolutely remarkable product. Have you ever walked around the house wrapped in a blanket? Was it challenging to complete basic tasks while doing so? The Comfy is the answer to these questions. The perfect blend of comfort and functionality, the Comfy’s arm holes allow the user to stay productive while engulfed in the plush sherpa blanket. While everyone was in lockdown due to COVID, the sales of the Original Comfy skyrocketed…as they should. I give this product a 9/10 (the one point deduction was because they were all sold out when I wanted one). 

  1. Saucemoto Dip Clip Car Sauce Holder

The Saucemoto Dip Clip Car Sauce Holder is essentially a clip that attaches to a car vent to provide the eater a more enjoyable sauce-dipping experience in the car. While I could appreciate a product that eliminates distracted driving, this product is one of the weirdest ones I’ve seen on the show. The first problem is the name. It’s too long and it should just be called “Dip Clip.” Second, I don’t want this piece of red plastic sticking out of the vent in my car. Imagine if someone asks you “hey what is that?” You now need to find a way to explain to your passengers why you needed to implement this sauce holder in your car. What problem does Saucemoto even solve? If you’re in a rush and you must eat fast food in your car, it doesn’t matter whether your fries have ketchup or not. And if you can’t eat without condiments, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using the cup holders that every car has. There are so many design flaws with this product: what happens if McDonald’s gives you the ketchup packets instead of the little tubs? Then you spent ten dollars on a piece of red plastic for nothing. I’m officially ranking this a 1/10 with one point for effort. 

  1. Blueland Cleaning Products

Blueland Cleaning Products are the way of the future. The consumer purchases a bottle of their desired cleaning product, fills it up with water, and drops in the appropriate tablet to create an eco-friendly cleaner. Once the user runs out of tablets, all they have to do is purchase new ones: but they keep the same bottle forever! This is a brilliant idea and if more people buy Blueland Products, plastic waste from cleaning supplies will significantly decrease over time. Unfortunately, these products are a bit pricier and harder to find than standard supplies, so in the end, most people will settle for the cheaper and more convenient option. I rank this as an 8/10 because while I love the mission and packaging of the product, I’m not sure if people care enough about their cleaning supplies. 

  1. Space Traveler

This product has the potential to be a fun idea, but I still think this is in the prototype phase. As stated on the company website, the Space Traveler is a “personal space for peaceful travels.” If this was designed to look like an actual spaceship, I think it would be neat, but to me, it looks like a broken tent. Plus, the name of the product and the purpose contradict each other: it sounds like it’s supposed to be a fun, imaginative way to ride in the car, but it is actually just a human divider. A fundamental part of childhood is fighting with your siblings in the backseat. You establish your little boundaries based on the seat line and you come to a mutual agreement not to cross that line. The Space Traveler solves this problem for the kid, so what’s that teaching them? Even if I wanted one of these, I don’t think my mom would want this in her car. I give this a 3/10 because I think the idea was there, but the execution was not great.