By Eesha Talasila

If you like Clairo and Indie/Pop music, you should listen to Hope Tala. Hope is an up and coming, self-producing artist from London. She is a 21 year old college student who was messing around on Logic. Like many others, Hope started her career on SoundCloud. An interesting thing about Hope is that her inspiration came from reading. She is an avid reader and finds inspiration in the books she reads. This makes sense as many of her songs have a story-telling vibe, which you would really enjoy if you place importance on lyricism. Hope has also stated that writing poetry helps her write songs. She often writes poems when she finds ideas and fleshes the poems out into songs. Hope is very honest and talks about how she experiences writer’s block often; like everyone else in the world. I think what makes her so appealing as an artist to young people is that she’s just like us. Especially for women, her songs are super inspiring. Women are often told that their “boldness” comes off as aggressive, but Hope keeps a bold voice in her songs, letting us know it’s okay to say what we feel. I think everyone should listen to her songs, you might really love it! 

Song Recommendations

  • Cherries (ft. Amine) – my personal favorite
  • Lovestained
  • All My Girls Like To Fight
  • Sentir
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