Top 5 Favorite Guilty Pleasure TV Shows

By Christine Kim

LAST ARTICLE OF THE YEAR!!! I’m so excited for summer break, so I wanted a head start on planning TV shows to binge-watch! These TV shows are all coming from the poll you all filled out, so I hope you enjoy! Be aware that there are MAJOR SPOILERS!

  1. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl got 1st place! This show had a love-hate relationship with me. I was so annoyed with all the characters at some point but it was SO GOOD I couldn’t stop watching! I really hated Chuck at first, a total womanizer *eye roll*, and his obnoxious attitude just got on my nerves so much! He grew on me so much by the end of the show, his extravagant fashion sense, and bad boy persona. Blair was also one of my favorites. I later found a liking to her schemes, and she had the best maid ever!! (Dorota was a favorite too) I was SO obsessed with Chuck and Blair and they were the highlight of the whole series. Gossip Girl will forever be my favorite show headbands and all!


MAJOR SPOILERS! Only for those who want to read about favorite moments in the show!

  • “The Goodbye Gossip Girl” (Season 2, Episode 25): Chuck *FINALLY* tells Blair that he loves her 
  • “The Treasure of Serene Madre” (Season 3, Episode 11): the THANKSGIVING EPISODE (pie + drama can never go wrong)
  • “Double Identity” (Season 4, Episode 2): Blair tells Chuck “it wouldn’t be my world without you in it.” at the train station in Paris (they OBVIOUSLY still loved each other)
  • “New York, I Love You XOXO” (Season 6, Episode 10): Chuck and Blair get married at Central Park (BEST MOMENT EVER!)
  1. Criminal Minds

In 2nd place is Criminal Minds! I will proudly say that Criminal Minds is an all-time favorite of mine. I absolutely loved this series and I was so sad when it ended. My personal favorite season was season 15 and I embarrassingly admit that I was totally fangirling over Daniel Henney. And SPENCER REID! He was my #1 FAVORITE! He was so relatable *NOT the reading 20,000 words a minute* and his social awkwardness was so cute! I could rewatch this whole show 100 times and never be bored with it!


MAJOR SPOILERS! Only for those who want to read about favorite moments in the show!

  • “Open Season” (Season 2, Episode 21): JJ, Garcia, and Prentiss at the bar meeting a “real” FBI agent (the 2nd hand embarrassment was SO BAD)
  • “Tabula Rasa” (Season 3, Episode 19): Hotch in court (the charcoal gray SOCKS!)
  • “It Takes a Village” (Season 7, Episode 1): “This is calm and it’s Doctor” (Ouch, harsh much?)
  1. Grey’s Anatomy

3rd place goes to Grey’s Anatomy! The best medical drama definitely goes to this one. It is UNQUESTIONABLY in the top 5 most addicting shows! I loved Cristina and her signature confidence was hilarious. Cristina and Meredith’s were ultimate friendship goals and they were absolutely each other’s “person”!


MAJOR SPOILERS! Only for those who want to read about favorite moments in the show!

  • “Bring the Pain” (Season 2, Episode 5): “Pick me, choose me, love me” (Poor Meredith!)
  • “Let It Be” (Season 2, Episode 8): “I could do hot in my SLEEP!!!” (What do you think? Cocky or INSPIRATIONAL!)
  • “Didn’t We Almost Have It All?” (Season 3, Episode 25: CRISTINA’S EYEBROWS!!]
  • “Something’s Gotta Give” (Season 7, Episode 8): Cristina cut Callie’s hair (TIP: Don’t let your friend cut your hair!)
  1. Bridgerton

Bridgerton got 4th place! Honestly, I haven’t watched too many episodes of this one. I think I’ll add it to my binge watch list in the summer, but it seems to be rising in popularity! Have you all seen the “Bridgerton Musical” on TikTok? It totally blew up on there, and it seems to be the latest new “thing”! Although I only watched the first few episodes, Simon and Daphne really gave off Elizabeth and Darcy vibes from Pride and Prejudice. There is only one season right now with eight episodes, so definitely give it a try and see if you liked the favorite moments below!


MAJOR SPOILERS! Only for those who want to read about favorite moments in the show! 

***I haven’t really watched this one, so these moments are all based on the poll***

  • “Diamond of the First Water” (Season 1, Episode 1): Colin and Penelope (I WATCHED THIS PART!! Colin was such a gentleman! SO SWEET!)
  • “The Duke and I” (Season 1, Episode 5): “I burn for you”
  • “The Duke and I” (Season 1, Episode 5): Simon’s speech to Queen Charlotte
  1. Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Last but certainly not least, in 5th place is, Keeping Up With the Kardashians! Who doesn’t love a good dramatic reality TV show? Honestly, this show gives me headaches just watching all the catfights but it’s good to watch once in a blue moon. Does anyone have a favorite sister? Or a favorite sibling fight? I watched a couple of episodes *more like a couple of seasons* over quarantine when I got so bored, I NEEDED SOME DRAMA. Sadly, KUWTK is coming to an end this year wrapping up its 20th season, and we all know the Kardashian-Jenners’ over-dramatic moments will be sorely missed by us all. 


MAJOR SPOILERS! Only for those who want to read about favorite moments in the show! 

  • Season 15 premiere: “Least interesting to look at” (At least Kourtney and Kim have the most interesting fights)
  • Season 18 premiere: Kim and Kourtney’s EPIC FIGHT (I’m an only child. Are any siblings like this?)
  • Season 19, Episode 4: Kendall and Kylie’s fight (slapping + kicking + flying heels)

What does everyone think? Are these shows worth a place in the TOP 5? Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll and wrote their favorite moments! I had so much fun reading all of the comments! I wanted to put all the shows into this article, but there were too many to fit. I hope everyone had fun reading this article and give all these shows a try over summer break!

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