By Nyneishia Gupta

A couple weeks ago the U.S. was hit with a major snowstorm. Temperatures hit an all time low in many parts of the country, including Texas. Texas is a state known for its heat much like Florida and rarely if ever gets snow. During the snow storm however, Texas was hit with a lot of snow. For Texas this was a crisis because the cold temperatures are causing water pipes to burst and freezing treatment plants . About 13 million Texans were told to boil water as it likely got contaminated. 

 Texan senator, Ted Cruz, flew to Cancun during the crisis. People were outraged because he was essentially telling Texans that you’re on your own now. His excuse for leaving was that his daughters wanted a nice trip and he was trying to be a good dad. He came back to Texas after backlash saying that it didn’t feel right to leave.

   The controversy is over whether or not he had an obligation to stay as senator. Some people say he didn’t because he should be allowed to go on trips whenever he wants and was lucky to miss the storm but others say he did because as senator he should have stayed and been with everyone else. 

  What do you think?