By Francesca Burke

Disney is the epicenter of joy and happiness for myself and many others across the globe. Once covid hit early last year, it became even more important to incorporate small elements of magic into my life as a way to help me pass the time during quarantine. Since the shutdown, Disney has released plans for dozens of new films, attractions, merchandise, and more. There have been so many new announcements and sneak peaks that it is almost impossible to keep track! So, if you are a Disney fan who needs a refresh on the latest gossip, or if you are just really bored and want to read something interesting, this article is for you. 

Let’s start with some new merchandise. On January 19, Disney released a new plush line straight out of Japan called Disney nuiMOs (new-ee-mos). They feature six small, four inch tall characters: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Stitch, and Angel. But there’s a twist; Disney also released a special clothing line specifically for nuiMOs. So, you can buy different outfits for your little plush friends and dress them up however you like! There are dozens of accessories, outfits, and even shoes so it’s super easy to customize. Trust me, it’s adorable.

Image result for nuiMOs
Disney’s new nuiMOs

In terms of attractions, I’m sure you have probably heard of the new Ratatouille themed ride and remodeled French pavilion at Epcot. While there is no set opening date, we know that it will be in 2021 and must be coming soon, judging by how many photos and sneak peaks have been shown.

Moving onto films. If you were like me on December 10, when Disney announced plans for dozens of new TV shows and movies to be released in the coming years, and were super confused, don’t worry. Something I was unaware of was that December 10 was actually Disney Investor Day, which is when the company releases most of their new film and TV plans. I was very unprepared and heard about so many cool new releases that I thought my head would explode. So, here are a few of the biggest things to look forward to: Raya and The Last Dragon (Movie premiering March 5 2021), Star (new streaming platform being added to Disney+ February 23, 2021), The Little Mermaid (live action! Cast recently released, premier date unknown), Rescue Rangers (based on Chip and Dale with John Mulaney and Andy Samberg! Movie premiere date unknown), and Peter Pan & Wendy (live action! Starring Jude Law, Yara Shahidi and Jim Gaffigan, premiere date unknown). I wish I could list all of the amazing new reveals, but there are way too many, so I would recommend doing some research if you want to learn more. Or come find me at school, because I have a lot of knowledge on this that needs to be shared 🙂

That brings us to a close on this article. I could go on forever about all the new and amazing things Disney has plans for, and if you’d like to learn more, feel free to check out the Disney Parks Blog. Since covid, Disney has been trying to brighten their fans’ spirits with all new merchandise, films and TV shows, and even attractions at their theme parks! With that, I hope this article brought you some joy for the new year, or at the very least made your day a tad more enjoyable.