By Colette Urban 

2020 was a year for political turmoil and going into the year of 2021, US politics still aren’t doing much better. 

The beginning of the year started off with a horrifying bang as stories of Trump supporters storming the Capitol building hit the news. On January 6, supporters of the now former president Donald Trump broke into the US capitol for the first time since 1812. These rioters came to this attack in support of Trump’s accusations that Joe Biden had “stolen” the presidential victory from him. Trump, instead of condemning these actions, endorsed them. Amongst all this chaos, five people ended up dead and dozens left with injuries. What a wonderful way to start the new year.

 Trump also got impeached for the second time during his term. He is the first president in the history of the United States to get impeached twice. Although Trump no longer holds office, being impeached for this second time prevents him from re-running for president and from getting some of the luxuries of being a former president.

On the topic of the former president, President Joe Biden got inaugurated on January 20. After inauguration, he immediately passed some acts(like mandatory masks in federal buildings) and revoked others(like trying to rejoin the World Health Organization).

Regarding the coronavirus, there have been 896k reported cases and over 11k deaths in Ohio as of January 31. Total reported cases in the US are at 26.2 million, along with 441k total deaths. However, vaccines are in the process of being administered, so that’s one nice thing that has come out of 2021 so far. 

A lot of other big events happened around the world in January 2021. If you’re interested in the news or even if you aren’t, go do some research! The world exists outside of US politics too.