My Favorite Bollywood Movies I Would Recommend to Anyone

Eesha Talasila

If you haven’t heard of Bollywood, it is the Indian-Hindi language film industry. Bollywood is huge, similar to Hollywood, with a wide range of films. If you are interested in watching new movies in a different language (with English subtitles of course), these are some recommendations to get you started!

The first movie is a classic. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is a story of a young girl reuniting her widowed father with his first love. This movie is from the late 90s, so some jokes may be outdated. However, this movie is great to watch even after many years. It has elements that are similar to the Parent Trap, so if you liked that movie, you will definitely like this one!

The second movie is one that I have watched one too many times growing up. Dhoom 2 is the story of two thieves forming a partnership, while being chased by 3 smart cops. In this movie, many people find themselves rooting for the thieves rather than the “good guys”. This movie has some cheesy dialogue, but also has some great action scenes. If you like action movies that double as rom-coms, this would be a great pick for you. Image result for kuch kuch hota hai posterImage result for dhoom 2

If you are in the mood to cry, then this movie is for you. The Sky is Pink is narrated by a 15 year old girl diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis as she tells the story of her parents and their family. I usually hate watching sad movies, but I enjoyed this one. Though we can all predict the ending, watching the family go through ups and downs but still stay united was heartwarming to see. 
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Though most Bollywood movies revolve around love or family, this movie is about independence. Queen is a story about a woman who goes on her honeymoon alone after being left by her fiance. As she travels around Europe, she makes new friends and finds herself. This movie was extremely enjoyable as we get to see the main character grow and fight back against the prejudices placed on her. 
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This movie is a favorite for many teens. The story revolves around a girl who joins some classmates she does not know too well on a trekking trip. She falls in love with one of her classmates, but he ends up leaving the group to follow his dreams. Years later, they reunite at their best friend’s wedding, forcing them to confront their feelings. Personally, I love this movie and the entire story. You get a taste of everything; a trekking trip, friendship, romance, an over-the-top wedding, and great songs. This movie is a perfect feel-good watch. 
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This movie is unique, similar to Queen, as it revolves around the journey of three friends. Three friends take a break from their busy lives and decide to embark on a trip to Spain for a bachelor’s trip in order to fulfill a promise they made many years prior. They try new experiences and meet new people along the way. This trip leads them to question some of their life decisions and we see them find their true selves. Though calmer than other Bollywood movies, it is still a great watch to enjoy anytime!
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