by: Fatema Dinary and Abby Gemechu 

Ok, can we just take a second and appreciate the meticulously thought-out title? It would honestly be embarrassing to mention how long it took us to decide on one phrase, let alone the whole name. Regardless, delectable, tasty, and delicious, each bite packs a punch and tempts another. Heavenly, potato chips have risen to become a prime snack for the typical American. It is estimated that 284.37 million people in America consumed potato chips this year according to Statista. And what can we say? They’re that good (not for your health, but that’s a whole other article 😬). And so, without further ado, enjoy reading our rankings for our favorite mouthwatering chips! 

Fatema’s Top 5 Ranked:

  1. Ruffles (Either Cheddar or Original) Is an explanation really even necessary? 
  2. Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili 
  3. Andy Capp’s Cheddar Fries 
  4. Funyuns Original
  5. Lays Barbeque

Abby’s Top 5 Ranked:

  1. Ruffles (Both flavors)
  2. Fritos (Original)
  3. Sun Chips (Original)
  4. Tostitos
  5. Pop Corners (Kettle Corn flavor)

(Disclaimer: This is based solely on our opinions and I’m sure there are tons of other delicious brands we haven’t tried.)