By: Neha Sangani

I love the holidays and with the holidays approaching soon, I came up with some ideas to get in the holiday spirit. Obviously, plans for this year might be a little different from earlier years, but here are some ideas to do by yourself or with your family! 

Idea 1: Bake cookies 

Baking cookies is one of my favorite things to do over the holidays. Chocolate chip cookies are definitely the best cookie to bake, but here are some other recipes:

Idea 2 : Holiday Nail Decor 

I also love painting my nails and using things like glitter, tape, or stickers to make them more fun. Here are some fun ideas that are holiday themed:

Idea 3: Hot Chocolate + Movie

Hot chocolate is my favorite holiday drink, but get whatever your favorite drink is, a blanket and watch a movie! My favorite holiday movie is the Christmas edition of home alone. 

Here are some holiday movies: (press the arrow on the photos to see them)

And here is a hot chocolate recipe:

Idea 4: Decorate your house

I’ve always wanted to decorate the entire front of my house with holiday decorations, and because this year we’ve all spent a lot of time in our houses, it is the perfect time to decorate them! 

Here are some decorating ideas:

Idea 5: prank your family or friends

This one isn’t really holiday themed but pranks are one of my favorite things to do over break.

Here are some ideas:

I hope you liked those ideas and will do some of them to get in the holiday spirit. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!