By: Grace Mansour

Since we are stuck at home for midterms this year, I thought I would give some suggestions on how to stay focused and productive while studying and taking your midterms. 

  • Tip #1: If possible, change settings. It helps many people to change where they work for when they are in class or doing homework, especially if you work from your bed. Changing rooms for midterms could be helpful just so your brain knows that you need to be focused and so you are not in the room that you sleep and watch Netflix in. 
  • Tip #2: Make a study schedule. I have been doing this for all my midterms and finals across the years and it is extremely helpful. It keeps me organized and on track while studying and preparing for the exam.
  • Tip #3: Make sure to take some breaks. Your brain will explode if you are just studying all day without taking any breaks. They are important and helpful, I am not saying to study for 10 minutes and then take an hour off but in between subjects or just every once in a while. I make sure to study for an hour on a subject and then take a break to relax and maybe get something to eat.
  • Tip #4: Do not cram for your midterms the night before. It is important to study in advance and let your brain process all the information.
  • Tip #5: During review week make sure to get all the questions you have answered so that when you are studying it makes it easier for you to understand. 
  • Tip #6: Make sure you are eating well before the midterm and even before you study. You do not want to go into taking your midterm while you are hungry and don’t feel well.
  • Tip #7: My last tip is to make sure you are getting enough sleep. Studying while you are tired is one thing but taking a midterm when you are tired is not going to help you. Make sure you are going to bed at a reasonable time and not staying up all night cramming for your test the next day.

Hopefully, some of these tips will help you, and if you have any tips to give you can comment them below!