By Rori Kostos

Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates the harvest and blessings of the year before. The very first celebration of Thanksgiving when the Pilgrims of Plymouth and the Wampanoag people shared a harvest together in 1621. Ever since that day, Thanksgiving continues to represent the importance of family and all that they do to enrich our lives. With celebration and thanksgiving, food comes; people are brought together through the food that is put on display. 

Due to a recent study on a poll I created, students and faculty of Hathaway Brown School were able to vote on their favorite Thanksgiving Food. The foods included in this poll were: Pumpkin Pie, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Turkey, Macaroni and Cheese, Cranberry Pie, Sweet Potatoes, and Green Bean Casserole. Before receiving the results, I predicted that Macaroni and Cheese would have the highest amount of votes as people’s favorite food. However, I was surprised that I was wrong. With a total of 102 responses in the upper school, the results have shown that Mashed Potatoes was the favorite food, with 33.3% of the votes. Cranberry Pie, with 2% of the votes, was determined to be the least favorite food, followed by Sweet Potatoes with 2.9%.  

In conclusion, Mashed Potatoes were the most enjoyed food and Cranberry Pie is the least favorite food at Hathaway Brown on Thanksgiving. Thank you to everyone who participated in this experiment and I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving with family and lots of great food!

Forms response chart. Question title: What is Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food?. Number of responses: 102 responses.