By: Carolyn Jiang

Over Thanksgiving break I watched a show with my friend called Grand Army. This is a newer Netflix Original show that is based on the life of five high school students that attend Grand Army High School in Brooklyn, New York. Although they are living “normal” teenage lives, they do experience some things that are relatable to our world today. There are some sensitive topics that are brought up such as racial injustice, sexual identity, and sexual assault.

Personally, I thought this show was amazing. There are many teenage shows that are very cheesy and almost unrealistic and I often find it hard to relate to the problems that come up in these shows. With Grand Army, it was much more relatable and realistic. Each of the main characters were so different and there was a lot of representation of people of color allowing for a larger amount of people to relate. There are moments where you think that you know what is going to happen, but then the show takes a turn. The events that happen within the show are realistic relating to what is happening in our world today. I would rate this show an 8.5/10 and I definitely recommend that you should add this to your list of shows to watch.