By Francesca Burke

December marks our ninth month in quarantine and, if we look back to when this all started in March, we realize that a lot has changed. However, for the furry, four-legged friends in our lives, lockdown has been some of the best months ever. When you think about it, our pets have been having the time of their lives. They receive constant attention and are some of our best companions during these trying times. Whether you have a dog, a cat, or anything in between, all pets are most likely living it up in quarantine, even if they don’t really know why their owners are at home most of the time.

If you have a dog at home, you know that they love spending time with you, and hate it when you have to leave for school each morning. Since quarantine began, dogs don’t have to worry about being left alone for hours, but that doesn’t mean that their lives have been carefree these past months. After the first couple of weeks in lockdown, humans got bored of staring at their phone, eating, sleeping, and then repeating the cycle. Therefore, they had to turn to their dogs for companionship. At first the dog enjoyed the constant love and affection, but soon, it became clear to the dog that their human friend had not made contact with society in quite some time. The human began to buy outfits for the dog, try to teach the dog tricks, even start an Instagram account for the dog. The dog wishes they could tell their human friend that they just want to take a nap, but the human has just bought a new bag of treats, so the dog succombs for a few more days. It is important to remember that thousands of dogs have gone through this struggle during quarantine, and are starting to worry about their owners’ sanity. So, before you buy your dog that new winter coat, think about video chatting with a real person, and let your dog have some alone time. They would greatly appreciate it.

Cats, however, are much different from dogs. Some cats like being snuggled, but others simply just want to be left alone. Cats also have different ways of expressing love based on the breed. However, no matter what breed you have, all cats have definitely been judging us since lockdown began. Most already questioned our rationality when we spent weekends at home before quarantine binge watching shows on the couch for hours. Now, most cats just want us out of our homes. They are practically begging us to go to the grocery store, take a Target run, or even step outside for a few hours so that they can have the house to themselves. Most cats are also wondering if all our friends and family have abandoned us so we have no one to spend our days with. As if cats didn’t already view themselves as more powerful than us humans, now we have permanently soiled our reputation in the eyes of our feline friends. From now on, show your cats that you really do have a life outside of your home by facetiming your friends and family once in a while. And if they ask you why you decided to call them, you can simply say, “I’m trying to show my cat that I’m not a failure of a human being”.So, now you know what some of our pets have been thinking about during quarantine. While they definitely love the affection and the attention, they also wonder why we occasionally wear the same pair of sweatpants for a week. Now that you have been educated, try to give your pets some space and show them that you have a life outside of your house. Who knows, they might gain a new respect for you and the balance of power will return. Unless you have a cat, in which case they will always view themselves as higher than you. But, there is really nothing you can do about that.