By Julia Zhu

  1. The Swing Day Commit To An Emotion

These are the days that my brain feels like a jumble and fails to get legitimately anything actually done. I’m sure we all have a swing day where our emotions are all over the place. It’s just a packet of squiggly ramen noodles up there, case and point demonstrated by the picture below. One moment I’m dead tired, the next I’m anxious and slightly hyper. My mental capacity can handle getting myself out of bed and sitting in front of a Zoom meeting, as if that required mental capacity. Later, I’ll give myself some motivational talk and then try to get the project due tomorrow, keyword try.

2. The Chill Day Passes Smoothly

These are the days that are 11/10. It’s a quiet day so much so that it’s strange. A day with two classes and a study hall, and getting homework done before dinner. It is the best and a shock. A little unsettling so naturally one has to go check every class to make sure. The day overall is smooth without any bumps and the type to just have a warm beverage by the widow.

3. The Stressed Day For Literally No Reason

These are the days like the previous one, but there is this nagging feeling that there’s going to be a random dentist appointment creeping up, and I forgot a notebook at home, and there is a quiz that completely slipped my mind. I will text my friends to confirm, they confirm, but it helps the little tinnies bit. Worst of all, the unsettling feeling stays until the very last minute of the last class that particular day, and then I come to the realization that I just made myself sit on edge for the reason. What a self psych.

4. The Stressed Day For A Reason

These are the days that are the abomination of all days, no exaggeration needed. Naturally there’s a pile of homework the height of Mt. Everest, and there’s two tests the next day and a quiz as a cherry on top. Oh and you can’t forget that extracurriculars that day go to 9PM. At that point, I give up trying to comprehend the amount of work needed to get done, but just do it and get grinding the hours away.

5. Lazy Day Don’t Want To Get Out of Bed 

It is a cold day that makes your teeth chatter to no end. This makes one just one to stay in the comfort and warmth of a cozy cozy bed. And as soon as one is able to drag themselves out of bed the goal is to go back to bed. It’s a really nice day for sleeping.