If you’ve been bored lately, there is probably a chance you’ve downloaded the game that is gaining popularity exponentially: Among Us. Among Us has become extremely popular due to its unique gameplay where you chat in order to find the imposter among the crewmates. The crewmates must rush to finish their tasks as the imposter(s) chase them down. If the crewmates are able to figure out who the imposter is, they win. Additionally, if they are all able to finish their tasks, they can also win. The imposter only wins if they kill enough people. Today, I decided to rank all the tasks from the most annoying to my favorites in the most common map: The Skeld. Starting with the one that annoys everybody:

11. Swipe Card

Do I really have to say it?

Swipe Card | Among Us Wiki | Fandom

10. Download

This task is not as annoying as the swipe card, but it gives the imposter an opportunity to kill you easily. 

9. Inspect Sample

This one is hard for me because it requires a wait time. Usually I end up getting killed or forget about this task.

8. Calibrate Distributor

This one was super irritating at first because I never got it right. After a few games, you will be able to get better at it. However, it still has some risks because it is located in electrical.

7. Divert Power and Accept Power

I’m putting these together because they are basically one task. This task is not fun or hard so it’s kind of in the middle for me. It is kind of satisfying after finishing it though. 

6. Start Reactor

This one is fun if you have a good memory. If not, you must start over again, which allows for the Imposter to kill you. 

5. Unlock Manifolds

This one is just putting numbers in order so it requires no explanation. I feel like it’s pretty easy. 

4. Empty Garbage

This one is easy and can be an advantage when you need to show others that you are a crewmate.

3. Submit Scan

Similar to Empty Garbage, it can show you are a crewmate. It is satisfying as well. 

2. Asteroids

This one is like a mini game within the game. The only thing that isn’t fun is if there is an interruption while you are doing the task.

  1. Clean O2 Filter

This task is fun for me, it is not too hard or too long.

Eesha Talasila