Online schooling has been a difficult transition for all of us; students and teachers alike. But doing some form of online learning is necessary at a crazy time like this, no matter how hard it may be for some of us. That being said, here’s a quick list of some of the pros and cons of online classes from a student’s perspective. 

Pro 1 – We’re able to socially distance. Socially distancing during a pandemic is useful in helping to make sure that the infection doesn’t spread. Online schooling helps us to be able to still learn even if we aren’t actually in the school building. 

Con 1 – It’s a lot harder to focus. When at home, from social media to family, there are a lot more distractions then there are at school. Without a teacher being able to see what all the students are doing behind the screen, student’s minds tend to wander and not pay attention in class.

Pro 2 – There are a lot more opportunities for the classes. Whether it’s a public speaker or writer coming in to talk to the students or just simply being able to have a larger class size, the chances for online interaction has expanded because of online platforms. 

Con 2 – Staring at a screen for a long period of time tends to lead to headaches. Being on Zoom for HB’s 90 minute class times can leave students feeling tired and foggy afterwards, especially during the weeks their cohort is fully remote. 

Pro 3 – Students can still learn if they are sick or unable to come into the building that day. If a student isn’t feeling well and can’t make it to class, it helps to be able to just join their Zoom class so that they can stay caught up on all of their work from the comfort of their bed. 

Con 3 – It can be harder to stay organized and prepared for all of the day’s classes, simply because it’s easier to stay in bed until the last second. 

Colette Urban