By Nyneishia Gupta

  It’s fall again, and we all know what that means. Pumpkins. Now that pumpkins are in season it is the perfect time to make pumpkin pie! Pumpkin pie is a staple on thanksgiving but even if you don’t celebrate it pumpkin pie tastes delicious during any occasion. 

  I don’t know how to make pumpkin pie. Quite honestly i don’t know how to bake much of anything. Because of quarantine I’ve been trying to bake things to give me something to do. Sometimes they work. And sometimes they don’t… Just last week I was frying churros and they exploded. To find a good recipe i look at the reviews, I don’t go for the 5 star recipes because they usually only have 1 or 2 reviews. I always go for the 4.6 or 4.5 because they usually have hundreds of reviews making them more trustworthy. Some recipes I always like to use are Tasty recipes. This is mainly because they have videos to go along with it to help my hands figure out what to do.

   To make pumpkin pie you obviously need a pie dough. For pie dough you could use store bought or you could use a recipe for that too. Most recipes for pies don’t include a recipe for the pie dough. You will have to find that one on your own. The one thing I hate about most online recipes is they have pages of people talking about how the recipes are a family tradition and that this has taken generations to perfect. Just skip all that and scroll down to the recipe. Good luck on you baking adventure however you find your recipes and remember, just because it exploded doesn’t mean it wont taste nice.