by: Fatema Dinary

You know those really weird things that you think only happen to you but also happen to everyone else? You go around thinking you’re an eccentric human being until in random conversation you and your friend talk about how you used to do the same thing? Well, here’s a comprehensive list to satisfy your questions, suspicions, qualms, and curiosities. 

  1. Raindrops racing on the window. 

The norm of childhood and that crushing disappointment when your raindrop lost the battle. I used to pick a raindrop and change my choice halfway through the race to the raindrop now winning. 

  1. Playing the game where your imaginary pet/ninja jumps every square of sidewalk racing you to school. 

I mean how many times have you sat in the back/front seat and stared out the window using your eyes to jump across every road? For me, it used to be an imaginary Unicorn with pink hair and a golden coat that raced me to school. 

  1. Making out the faces on the back of each car

The headlights were always the eyes and crack where the trunk closed was the mouth. And let me tell you, I’ve come across all types of personalities from cars that had evil smirks to charming grins and some on the verge of a scowl. 

  1. Running your finger along that one groove in the wall in some random hallway.

It’s instinct. Every. Single. Time.

  1. You leave the basement then get increasingly conscious of your surroundings and that dark looming room you just left. SPRINT UP THE STAIRS

I don’t know what it is. It’s always either a clown that’s hiding in the shadows or some robber. 

  1. Walking around aimlessly when talking on the phone. 

Or is that just me? 

  1. Made the coolest Marker sword only to have it break the second you finished it. 

What law of gravity decided my masterpiece of a sword had to break before I could even use it? 

  1. Stuck your face in front of a fan just because you thought it made your voice sound cool/autotuned.

I mean why not? It was the one time people could actually make out I was singing. 

  1. To wake up from a great dream then try to fall asleep again to finish it.

Why? Why did my mind have to wake up literally at the best part?!? And then

I go back to sleep and my dream changes entirely. What luck.