by Viza Freeman

The season shifted into autumn on September 22 and since then we have been faced with cooling temperatures, rain storms, pumpkin and candy apple scents, colorful leaves, the excitement of Halloween and topics of the election. The autumn of 2020 has already been chaotic and filled with twists and turns. If you are overwhelmed with the chaos of this year and want to fall into the spirit of autumn then I suggest you grab a bowl, a spoon and any milk of your choice to enjoy a delicious helping of raisin bran cereal. If the questions “ How is raisin bran going to get me into the spirit of autumn ?” or “ Why would I eat raisin bran when there are other flavorful cereals in the world ?” just popped into your mind let me tell you why. 

  1. It’s Healthy!

Raisin bran is high in fiber, contains lots of vitamins and minerals and has micronutrients like iron. Raisin bran is also high in sugar so if you want something sweet, don’t eat a piece of candy or drink a soda, have a hearty bowl of raisin bran cereal.

  1. It has Variation!

Raisin bran is the cereal of autumn because it is multifaceted. Raisin bran can be eaten in a bowl with milk but it can also be enjoyed in many different forms like muffins, cookies, breakfast bars and even cinnamon rolls. The season of autumn has always been multifaceted due to the different holidays, the change in the weather and the warm colors that are seen in the nature that surrounds us so wouldn’t you want your food to reflect all the things that make autumn amazing? This is why raisin bran is the best option.

  1. It’s Tasty!

This is the most important reason because whenever you think about cereal you think about something that is delicious. Raisin bran is tasty because the bran adds a lovely texture to the cereal and gives you the crunch factor that you want and need which can be enjoyed with or without milk. The raisins in the cereal add a sweetness to it and when it’s combined with the bran, they create a lovely symphony of flavors.

  1. It’s Timeless!

Lastly, raisin bran is the cereal of autumn because it is timeless. This is because it has been encountered by people from all different generations. No matter how old you are, you can always remember raisin bran due to the lasting effect that it has had on people through generations. If you ask anyone about raisin bran, they always have some memory or opinion connected to it. It is a cultural phenomenon. Raisin bran is the cereal of autumn simply due to the mixed opinions people have about it, fond memories surrounding it, and the expectation of its return each year like the season of autumn.