by Viza Freeman

Hot girl summer has come and gone as the leaves shift from a rich green into a buttery yellow and a fiery burgundy. The blowing of crisp winds, rainfall and even snowfall have transitioned the seasons. It’s time to put away your shorts and put on your striped sweaters because it is time for cozy girl autumn! The following tips below will help you enjoy the season of autumn while also being safe during the pandemic.

  1. Watch seasonal content on your streaming platforms

A fun way to start off the season is to stream content that you enjoy. This step is the easiest and the most comfortable to do because all you have to do is get under the covers, turn on your device and begin streaming!

  1. Make seasonal desserts and baked goods

If you like to bake well then you’ll enjoy this activity and even if you don’t like to bake it is always fun to try a new hobby. Baking can turn a boring Saturday into an eventful and joyous occasion. Baking is a fun way to unleash your creativity because it is limitless. You can try a number of different recipes like a pumpkin spice cake recipe , a apple cider doughnut recipe and even a chocolate pecan pie recipe.

  1. Take a walk amongst nature 

The season of autumn has many sights to behold so don’t just watch it pass you by through a window, go outside and see all the wonders it beholds yourself. A walk amongst nature can limit your stress and help you find peace of mind as Lauryn Hill once said. Taking a walk can bring you solitude but if you don’t want to take a walk alone bring your pet or family with you and make it into a family occasion.  

  1. Craft or do a DIY project 

Another way to enjoy the season is by crafting. There are many types of crafts and DIYs to do like making your own mask, tie dyeing a sweatshirt, craving or painting a pumpkin, or you can make your own pillow. This is my favorite activity to do because you make something that you are able to use or you can give it to someone else as a gift as well. 

  1. Listen to music while enjoying a seasonal beverage

This activity is one of my favorite things to do during the season of autumn. This is something everyone can do on a nice autumn day, all you have to do is put on your favorite album or playlist and get your favorite seasonal drink which can be a hot spiced apple cider, a pumpkin spice latte or any other type of seasonal drink of your choice. 

  1. Put on your favorite sweater

The last step to having a successful cozy girl autumn is by putting on your favorite sweater or sweatshirt. A sweater is one of the best things to wear as the weather gets colder and they are also really cute to wear as well. A sweater will always keep you warm and comfortable which is the most important thing to have when you want to experience a cozy autumn.