By Ishita Kopparapu

To the eyes so colorful

To the nose so pungent

To the hands so soft 

To the mouth so full of spice

To the ears so blissful

To the eyes so colorful 

They see a spectrum of colors

They see the beautiful pumpkins 

They see the leaves touching the ground ever so gently 

They see the crinkling of the leaves 

They see the birds migrating 

They see the glowing sky 

To the nose so pungent

It smells the pumpkin 

It smells the apples and cinnamon 

It smells the pumpkin and squash ripening getting ready to picked and devoured  

It smells the sweet maple sap 

It smells the beautiful Thanksgiving meal  

It smells all the wonderful flavors living in harmony 

To the hands so soft 

They feel the crinkle of the leaves as they fall to the ground 

They feel the comfort of the heat warmers 

They feel the round and bumpy texture of the pumpkins and squash 

They feel the warmth of the knitted mittens on their fingers 

They feel the heat of all the pies fresh out of the oven 

They feel the cool breeze fly past them 

To the mouth so full of spice 

It tastes the blend of pumpkin spice 

It tastes the pumpkin pie’s texture as it melts with each bite  

It tastes the cranberry sauce melodiously complimenting the seasoned turkey

It tastes all the textures and flavors  

It tastes the Thanksgiving meal so scrumptious 

It tastes the beautiful, warm spices 

To the ears so blissful

They hear the breeze fly past them 

They hear the chatter at the Thanksgiving meal

They hear the candy wrappers on Halloween as kids sneak a piece of candy into their mouths

They hear the leaves as they fall to the ground ever so gently

They hear crackling fire as the warmth reaches every bone

They hear the hollow echo of a pumpkin as it’s carved for Halloween 

Header photo: PopSugar