by: Claire Mehok

Now that it is fall, Halloween is on its way. However, as October 31st approaches traditional Halloween activities are starting to be re-imaged or canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, recommends that all Americans stay at home this Halloween and choose not to participate in a tradition of Trick-or-Treating. In addition, some parents are not even allowing their children to go out this year and cities have cancelled their Trick-or-Treating plans and gatherings since the risk of spreading the coronavirus is too high. Though Trick-or-Treating is safer than hosting a Halloween party many different people will end up coming in close contact with each other making it a complicated and a controversial topic. If the Halloween trick or treating is canceled many families will not be able participate in the fun activity with their kids. Instead, families could do fun activities at home with their families such as decorating pumpkins, making candy apples, dressing up, and playing games together. Even though Trick-or-Treating may be cancelled there are ways to make the holiday fun for kids and their families.