The Pros and Cons of Zoom

by Radhika Dutta

As we know, we all have been introduced to the new video conferencing app, Zoom. It was actually founded in 2011, so it has been around for a while but it only recently got very popular. It is a great way to talk to your friends and family during the pandemic because we might not be able to see everyone face to face. We also use Zoom for school! Zoom is definitely helpful but it also has its disadvantages. 

Pros of using Zoom 

  • Camera only shows the top half so we can wear our sweatpants on the bottom during school! I love my sweatpants and being comfy during school!
  • We can have big meetings (a lot of people can join).
  • Zoom is free!
  • Zoom is really easy to use…it has cool features like reactions, virtual backgrounds, and share screen features. 
  • I think the overall connection is better and it is easier to hear when talking to friends. I know my friends and I prefer to Zoom nowadays rather than facetime. 

Cons of using Zoom

  • I feel like the Zoom camera quality is not as good but that is just because of our computers
  • I feel everyone can relate to this, we start talking during class but we are still on mute. Everyone has done it at least once. It is pretty embarrassing but we all have done it. If I got a penny every time the teacher says “You’re still on mute” Then I would be rich. 
  • It can be hard to hear when many people are in the Zoom and everyone is talking at the same time. 
  • It is always scary to talk during class because what if you start talking right at the same time someone else starts talking. This is definitely one of my fears. It is also hard to make sure you don’t interrupt.
  • Overall I feel like it is hard to have a flowing conversation during class.
  • There always is awkward silence when the teacher asks a question and everyone just remains on mute. 
  • During school, it can be hard to hear the teacher or see what the teacher is writing on the board. 
  • There can be time limits. One time my friend from another school made the zoom and there was a time limit of like 45 mins and after 45 minutes we had to make another Zoom which was annoying. 
  • There are always complications… one time my camera would not turn on or sometimes it says we are not on mute but then people still can’t hear us. 

Although Zoom has its flaws, I think Zoom has changed our lives and has made things a lot easier! 

3 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Zoom

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  1. I applaud you for literally capturing every single pro and con I think any student and person in general would say about zoom. I also have better connections on zoom then I do on FaceTime which seems kind of odd because I would assume Apple would have a better connection with a paid for device than a free app but you know… I also loved the comment about sweatpants, I am sitting at my desk looking half way decent on top.. and in HB sweatpants!!

    1. Zoom is not bad. Zoom is a way that we can interact with our family and friends. We can’t see our family and friends on this pandemic. Its harder for kids to work on other sites at home. We have been is this pandemic for over a year now.

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