Fun Fall Activities

by: Grace Mansour

In Cleveland, the leaves are changing and fall is starting. That means that the apple picking and pumpkin carving has begun. I am here to give everyone wondering about some fun fall activities to do. My personal favorite is to take a trip to Patterson Fruit Farm. You can go apple picking, explore the corn maze, pick out pumpkins, get cider and donuts, go for a hayride, or just walk around. It is super fun and festive! Another easy idea that can be fun and relaxing is to go for a walk around, maybe in the Metroparks. The leaves are so pretty and a nice walk is a good way to take it all in. When I was younger my family would all get pumpkins to carve which was super fun. This is something that you could do with some friends or family and maybe even make it into a competition. Also, do not throw out the seeds, they are so delicious if you cook them. There are also tons of fall crafts other than pumpkin carving to do like: making a wreath, painting pumpkins, creating decorations, and many more. I have heard some haunted houses are open but with masks of course and some are doing drive-through. The rainforest car wash in Medina is turning into a haunted car wash for this season. So if you live in the area that could be a fun covid alternative to a regular haunted house. Another fun and easy activity is to do a movie marathon. There are plenty of fall/Halloween/horror movies to snuggle in bed and watch. Going for a hike with a few friends or having a picnic with some fall foods are also some simple yet fun activities to try. I am also going to link some full recipes to make, including one for pumpkin seeds and caramel apples. 










Hopefully, some of you try out some of these activities and enjoy them!!

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