by Muna Agwa

“Ungodly Hour” by Chloe x Halle was tied for my favorite album this summer (Folklore had the other top spot). ‘Do It’ and ‘Forgive Me’ have music videos now, but I’ll include another video idea for them anyways. I’ll be going in order of how the tracks appear on the album. In this list, I’m going to describe how I envision the music video appearing for each song with visuals, costumes, and plotlines. Listen to the corresponding track on the album as you read these for an enhanced experience!

Intro: Chloe and Halle are inside a gothic church when the clock strikes midnight. The church is wrapped in glittering cobwebs. I envision Chloe and Halle descending from the sky in the outfits that they’re wearing on the album cover as glossy angels. They enter the church from a hole in the ceiling.

Forgive Me: Since the Intro blends in seamlessly with this song, the video is in the same setting. Chloe and Halle are in an abandoned church covered in glittering cobwebs still. There’s a massive full moon in the sky. 

Baby Girl: This music video starts in an airport with Chloe and Halle as flight attendants. There is a diverse, star-studded cast of teenage-girl celebrities from all countries who will play the passengers boarding a plane. As the video continues, Chloe and Halle check-in luggage, tag various bags and make announcements. During the song’s bridge, Chloe and Halle are performing on the plane’s runway with elaborate lights. By the end of the video, there’s a party on the plane as it’s taking off with Chloe and Halle and the girls in it. There will also be a scene where their faces are pasted on the side of the plane, but it’s an animated picture with them singing.

Do It: Chloe and Halle are in New York City in this video. They’re getting ready for a huge product launch, as they are successful businesswomen in this music video. The middle parts of the video will involve them in the back of the limo on the way there, and they’re just having a good time. Once they get to the event, they present a keynote that has animated bits with each sister singing parts of it while the other sister presents. The product launch is received well and the video ends with an afterparty.

Tipsy: This video takes place in a 50s style, picket fence neighborhood. The video starts in a red vintage car with Chloe and Halle in the front seat and a mysterious tied up bag in the back seat. Chloe has found out her boyfriend has been unfaithful to her, and enraged, she finds her sister Halle to take care of business with her. The sisters drive to a graveyard at midnight to bury the evidence. On the ride there, Chloe is crumpling up old polaroids of her and her boyfriend in the passenger seat as Halle drives. Cut to the next day, Chole and Halle are in tears on the porch of the boyfriend’s family faking a tragedy. Cut to the church scene, where they are in all black in the pews singing to the camera. In the final scene, Chloe and Halle are in the car driving to a new town.

Ungodly Hour: For this song, Chloe and Halle are in the desert. Both sisters are muted colors. This music video starts at dawn and ends at dusk. The two travel over dunes and through valleys until they stumble upon a luxurious oasis where they relax for the rest of the video.

Busy Boy: Chloe and Halle are glamorous, high-profile spies now. They work for an all-women spy agency that tracks down and exposes unfaithful boyfriends. They go undercover at various places: a fancy restaurant, a gym, and a mall. They catch 3 boys and expose them throughout the video. I imagine their spy outfits to be all black and latex for some reason. 

Catch Up: This video takes place at a pool party. There are tons of foliage surrounding the pool, like a jungle. Chloe and Halle are in neon pink and yellow bathing suits and they are just vibing in the pool. The sisters go upstairs to find a huge snake on the loose. The middle bits of the video involve the sisters running about trying to track the snake. By the end of the song, there’s a full moon out and Chloe and Halle and their friends are celebrating in the pool until the snake reappears and they all run.

Overwhelmed: I wish this track was longer, it’s so good! Chloe and Halle are angels in the clouds, and it’s sunset so the sky is peachy. They are lounging on a cloud after a long day and are downcast and sad. The sun goes down and the sky becomes dark at the end of this video.

Lonely: I imagine that this video tracks the experience of a loner high school student. She gets up to get ready for another boring day of school, and she’s not very popular and her family is way more focused on her older brother. Chloe and Halle are dressed as highschool students as well. They help comfort the lonely student by singing the song to the various highschool locations. There will be clipped scenes of her pacing around her room and checking her phone in bed at night, just wishing someone would reach out to her. She eventually finds solace and self-love at the end of the video.

Don’t Make It Harder On Me: Chloe and Halle work at a vintage diner in this video. They keep getting distracted by the guys that are coming in between busy shifts. Halle falls hopelessly head over heels for a customer, but he already has a relationship. So this video documents that heartbreak. The video ends with her meeting someone new who walks in through the front doors, and they smile at each other. 

Wonder What She Thinks of Me: Chloe and Halle are sitting in the back corner of a western-style saloon. Their outfits will consist of all the classic staples for western apparel. They are invited onto the karaoke stage. Halle picks up the guitar and the sisters sing about past failed relationships in great detail. Their performance moves the saloon to tears at the end. 

ROYL: Stay with me here: for this video, I see a rodeo aesthetic, but electrified. Chloe and Halle are cyborg cowgirls riding electric horses that have pink and purple detailing (purple for Chloe and pink for Halle). They are going on a nighttime ride with their friends. There is magenta lighting in the background for some reason, and it’s cloudy, but not raining.