By Sol Rivera

I have seen fear. 

The purple worry that has seeped through everyone

The wisteria six feet of which we stand apart from each other.

The tyrian rampages of buying everything from the store. 

I have seen anger. 

The red outbursts caused from being inside with the same people for too long. 

The crimson shouts at politicians for not doing enough. 

The burgundy questions for God, saying 

Why this?

Why now? 

Why us?

I have seen sadness. 

The blue distances between friends and family. 

The azure pain of being alone. 

The sapphire tears from watching the world go down a drain of misery.

I have seen ignorance 

From celebrities and politicians. 

The green instagram posts of mansions while others couldn’t afford to buy food for their families

The pear colored songs that didn’t really help. 

I have seen joy. 

The yellow talks with grandparents, still standing 6 feet apart, masks on, smiles underneath

The amber online chats with friends, sharing inside jokes while staying inside, 

The honey relief of being together and safe, of being grateful for health, 

The golden joy of family, knowing that you aren’t alone, no matter who you have for company.

I have seen a rainbow of emotions

Seeping through

People, places, and things

But rainbows always fade away

Like this might

I’ll give it till spring.