Eesha Talasila

This year’s election is one of the most anticipated elections we will see in our lifetimes. It seems that almost everyone is reading the news and watching debates this year. I think this is great because I believe that it is extremely important for us to be following the upcoming election, as well as every one that follows. 

“Why? Most of us can’t even vote yet?” 

Yes, most of us can’t vote, but this doesn’t make a difference. Government and politics impact almost every part of our lives, even if we can’t see it. Everything from how long we remain on our parents’ healthcare to the amount of taxes we pay is determined by the government. It makes sense that we should know the workings of the system that determines our laws and rights. The more we learn, the more we become equipped with information to form our own opinions. 

Following the election can also guide you to find issues that you are passionate about. This year is a year of change, and it looks like many of us have found ourselves becoming more passionate about certain topics. With most of us being avid users of social media, it’s impossible to ignore all the information being presented to us. This summer, I decided to be more involved with following the election. I realized that the things I had learned through reading, listening, and watching led me to form opinions on issues that I had no prior knowledge of, such as healthcare and unemployment benefits. Knowing which policies impact the issues that mean the most to you is important, especially when you are eventually able to vote.

As teenagers, most of us are slowly reaching the age, or already have, where we are able to vote. Voting is a serious responsibility, and having prior knowledge and opinions will help you become an active participant in political issues. With the amount of young people involved in the upcoming election, it looks like our generation is already on the way to making change.