by Sarah Goraya

Good old quarantine. Having very little on my agenda this summer meant that I had a lot of time, not a lot of stress, and a whole lot of time alone with my thoughts.

Which was a little terrifying.

That is, until I realized that my good friend Caroline Jung had a lot of thoughts as well! And after talking about it, we decided the world could really use hearing them too.

So we made a podcast. It’s called The Brain Dump, because that’s what we do there. Have a listen on pretty much any podcast platform, and follow us for updates on Instagram at

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Without further ado… The Brain Dump:

ep 5: productivity culture vs creativity and self care (ft. jessica) The Brain Dump

Today we talk about how productivity culture created from US capitalism (not the economic theory) influences our creativity and self care. Is productivity culture doing more harm than good? We talk about how the culture today treats life in a linear fashion when in reality, life has ups and downs. It takes many failures to be successful. And in this culture, what is creativity? Self care? We encourage everyone listening to recharge and take some time for yourself because that is the first step in becoming observant, creative, and genuine.
  1. ep 5: productivity culture vs creativity and self care (ft. jessica)
  2. ep 4: how kpop helped me embrace my korean american identity
  3. ep 3: reopenings and reflections
  4. ep 2: Black Lives Matter (ft. cheyenne)
  5. ep 1: small talk, silent thinking, internet & emotions, contextualizing your life