By: Claire Adornato

Every year it seems that everyone is exorbitantly excited for fall, and this year it’s made me ponder. I too truly love fall; but what is it about fall that is so appealing? Do people genuinely love the season? Or is it merely because it’s trendy with pumpkin and apple spiced everything? Well I asked around and here are some answers I received:

“Fall is by far my favorite season. Between the weather cooling which makes my leggings and sweater relevant again, the beautiful colors of the leaves, and the theme of pumpkin everywhere, it manages to steal my heart every year. Everything about it is perfect other than the fact it ends in winter.” 

“I like sweater weather. The weather is predictably cool and crips unlike the other seasons that are unpredictable. I like the fruits and foods associated with it like apples, roasted chestnuts, squash, sweet potatoes, and apple cider. For me, I like that the color burgundy pops up. Every aspect of the season is just perfect.”

“I like the fall because my birthday is the fall so I always get excited for that. It is my favorite season because it is not too cold or too warm. I like to wear fall outfits the best so the fall is definitely my favorite.”

“I love fall because there are fun activities such as apple and pumpkin picking, as well as haunted houses. Also I love seeing the colors change on the trees. It is not my favorite season, but I love the cute fall clothes I get to wear!” 

“Fall in cases everything that is good in this world. Fashion, food, weather, and most importantly Halloween. Fall fashion gives us sweater weather, and no not the song “Sweater Weather” by the neighborhood, but warm chunky sweaters that look so good with boots and a mini skirt. Fall food gives us apple cider from Patterson Fruit Farm and warm soups for that cold and windy day. Cool breezes, warm sun, and crunchy leaves are the perfect blend for a fall day. Lastly, something about the whole atmosphere of Halloween appeals to me–the decorations, spookiness, and haunted houses.”

So the general consensus is clear: fall simply has so much to offer. People love the clothing styles, activities, and “goldilocks” weather–not too hot nor too cold. Even though so many boost about fall, it may not necessarily be their favorite season. Perhaps, they just appreciate all it entails. However, it’s clear that so many people love fall for similar reasons. What’s true is that every year it does not fail to impress and captivate us. I for one am excited about the beautiful colors of the leaves, apple picking, and of course all the pumpkin flavored treats! I am curious to know though, do you agree with these answers and is fall your favorite season?