Hi, everyone! I hope you all are staying healthy during these unprecedented times. I have found myself reflective on how odd, but also sad, the world is right now. My thoughts are full of memories of happy times before this and future hopes and dreams for after this. Quarantine feels like a sort of prison blocking us from the normal where we cannot go out to eat and see friends. I wrote a sonnet contemplating this idea of confinement, and reflecting on the fact that we are physically stuck at home but our minds can still wonder…

Should confinement always be seen as a prison?

Sequestered in a dark, gloomy place

The outside world only a thought inside this space

Bodies blocked by walls only to be hidden

It’s a repeated time loop to hide

In hope the black cloud will pass

With all the souls it has already amassed

As fear freezes our limbs, motionless inside

But even as our arms hit walls when we stretch

Our minds have free passes through the walls

Soaring over oceans and running through halls

Its arms can reach the limit with a mere thought of concept

            So as my arms beat against the walls of stone

            My mind soars to land unknown