Yazzy Ahuja

Hello to all the peeps and pals of the HB community!! I don’t know about you guys, but I miss school. SO. MUCH. The amount of missing is honestly crazy– I never thought I’d be saying that, especially now that the weather’s getting warm and summer seems like it’s just around the corner. Every day I hope for the best and wish that the future turns out okay.

Over Spring Break, when quarantine had just begun and there wasn’t even any homework to do, I spent so many days bored without much to occupy my time. But then, I decided to change that. My older brother and sister had just come for an unknown period of time, as their respective cities and jobs had been shut down. I could see how taxing it was for my mom to not only come up with creative meals, but make them for a family of five as opposed to just her, me, and my dad. And if I’m being honest, my siblings eat like a couple of giants!!! I still leave the dinner table every night amazed at how much they can fit in their stomachs.

After realizing that my boredness could help out my mom, I stuck myself in the kitchen alongside her and helped her whip up all the dinners she made for our family. Little did I know, I love to cook!!! I’ve always been a baker–cookies, brownies, anything sweet– but I never saw myself as a chef. Getting in the kitchen and making art with food was and still is my savior during this endless quarantine, so I wanted to help out some of you too! Below are some of my favorite meals from “vacation,” along with links to some of the recipes we’ve used (you will soon see how big of a role New York Times cooking plays in my household). For the bakers, I’ve included some life changing sweets as well. I do hope you get to try out a couple of these meals someday soon; the kitchen really can be a place to find peace 🙂

BREAKFAST! (my favorite meal of the day)

These have been some of my go-to foods for breakfast during the big Q. They’re all pretty simple and quick which made the whole process even better!! Pancakes, fruit with yogurt, oatmeal, and cinnamon rolls are keeping my sanity intact!!


Lunch is usually pretty quick in the kitchen for me- I always just pick something easy. Trader Joe’s veggie fried rice and wontons are a perfect and yummy lunch when you’re in the mood. Avocado toast is always. ALWAYS. Amazing. The last picture is toast with hummus, tomatoes, cucumber, and Everything But The Bagel seasoning, for when you’re feeling healthy. 


Burgers, greek meatballs, and pasta alla vodka have definitely been some fan favorites in the Ahuja household. For dinner, I’ve also included a bunch of links to other lip-smackingly delicious meals that I forgot to take a photo of. I guess the phone doesn’t always eat first!!

One-Pan Coconut Curry Rice with Chicken and Veggies

The Absolute Best Bolognese Sauce You Will Ever Try

Black Bean Tacos with Avocado and Spicy Onion

SCRATCHY HUSBAND PASTA!!!! (Favorite meal on this website if you couldn’t tell from the !!!!)

And last but not least… DESSERT!!!!

You’ve got the typical brownies and cookies… but have you had the rest??? Chocolate bundt cake with sour cream. Maple walnut blondies. CARROT CAKE!!!!!