by: Claire Adornato

In wake of the virus and self-isolation, there has been an enormous amount of trends and hobbies that have arised. Some people have undertook a 30 day workout challenge, and others are determined to master their tie-dying technique. But what if you’re someone who hasn’t done any of this? You haven’t developed a new hobby to show your friends after quarantine or become a master baker. Well, whether you have or haven’t, that’s okay because this is ultimately a time to slow down for self reflection.

Right now, other than staying at home, there’s a lot of things out of our control. We usually have a “work all the time,” attitude so this time can be difficult for some without the constant inside and outside school work and regular hangouts. You can fill the void with fun Tik Tok trends or constant baking, but still it is not enough.

This time is forcing us to slow down and be in touch with our inner selves. We are always on the go, and often don’t take time for ourselves. Just because we are home all day doesn’t mean we have to be productive 24/7. Instead take a step back, and ask yourself what do you need today. Do you need some to sit down and relax with a favorite Netflix show? Or do you want to go outside, get some fresh air, and be with your thoughts? Maybe you want to dive into a thrilling book. Perhaps you want to meditate. Or you may just want to have a Zoom session with your friends. Whatever it is, it is beneficial because YOU need it.

Don’t feel like you have to find a new hobby or follow the trends because everyone else is doing it. And don’t feel like unaccomplished if you come out of self-isolation without something new to share. Instead, everyday learn something new about yourself and what you need because this is a time to slow down. It’s a time to really tone into self care. And it’s a time to do and find what makes you happy.