by Emma Gerber

 As we all know, the world is a crazy place right now. The news certainly reflects that fact: COVID-19 news has become nearly omnipresent in all of our lives. Though being informed about the spread of coronavirus is absolutely vital, there’s also a lot of other news right now that we are missing among the coronavirus coverage. Below I have compiled five important stories to read (along with links to articles from a variety of sources) so that we can all stay up to date in these times. 

Keir Stamer wins Labour Leadership 

This week in Britain, Keir Stamer has been elected as the new leader of the Labor party, taking over the role from Jeremy Corbyn. Stamer has already promised to lead the Labour party differently than Corbyn. Whether he is successful or not, Stamer’s election certainly alters the playing field in British politics. Read more below: 

Keir Starmer is the new Labour party leader and replaces Jeremy Corbyn

Keir Starmer new Labour Party leader in Britain as politics reshaped by coronavirus 

New Labour leader Keir Starmer vows to lead party into ‘new era’

Keir Starmer picked to lead UK Labour amid virus crisis

Vietnamese Vessel sunk After run in with a Chinese boat  in the South China Sea 

On April 4th, Vietnam published an official complaint that a Chinese surveillance vessel sank one of it’s fishing boats in the South China Sea. While some reports assert that the chinese vessel rammed into the Vietnamense ship, the nature of the incident is disputed. This incident is just another indicator of long brewing tensions in the South China Sea. 

Vietnam Protests Beijing’s Sinking of South China Sea Boat

China Increases Aggression In The South China Sea, Sinks Vietnamese Boat

For a varied (but slightly more biased) opinion: China says Vietnamese fishing boat rammed coastguard ship before sinking

Israel Still Struggles to form a Government 

Throughout three elections and more than a year of negotiations, Israel has been unable to form a coalition government. However, a week ago, the two major parties, led by current prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Speaker of the Knesset Benjamin Gantz, agreed to compromise. This agreement has sent both leaders back into the negotiation room, where they are still struggling to create a suitable deal for both parties.

Israel struggling to form a government, even after sides agree to join forces\

Israel Politics, Benny Gantz: May Need More Time for Coalition

Israel struggles to form government, even after rivals agree to join …

Trump Fires Micheal Atkinson 

This week, President Donald Trump fired Micheal Atkinson, the inspector general for the intelligence community who handled the Ukraine complaint that led to Trump’s impeachment. In a press conference, Trump indicated that this move was  “payback” for his impeachment. Atkinson will officially stop working in 30 days. 

Trump calls fired watchdog in impeachment probe a ‘disgrace’

Trump fires intelligence community watchdog who told Congress about whistleblower complaint that led to impeachment

Trump fires Michael Atkinson, intelligence IG who told Congress about Ukraine phone call