by Caroline Cannon

Welcome back to Caroline’s Snapshots! Now normally this is a column that highlights different photographers, shares their work, and admires their unique styles and techniques. But, today I thought I could switch it up. 

Since being quarantined and at home, I’ve found it hard to continue to take cool photographs. It’s difficult to find inspiration while you’re sitting at home watching Tiger King in one sitting, constantly taking trips down to the kitchen just to “see what’s up”, and attempting to fix your totally screwed sleep schedule. But, these photographers have recently been inventing a new way to continue to do the work they love, and they’ve been making some amazing artwork. So for this edition of Caroline’s Snapshots, I will be highlighting a few of my favorite quarantine photoshoots that I’ve seen. 

Number 1: Kimberly

Kimberly, better known as @kihmberlie on Twitter and Instagram, is a photographer known for her talents behind and infront of the camera. She usually both photographs and models in her photos, and I find great inspiration from her dream-like photoshoots. But while in quarantine, she’s decided to try something new. The above pictures show her latest works, where she facetimed a friend to set up a shoot in her bathroom, and then took a picture of the facetime call. On the left is a little behind the scenes photo, and you can see the bathroom of the model. On the right is the final product. When I first saw this I was really blown away, and amazed at how well the quality of the photo came out. Overall a really cool idea to try! 

Number 2: Linus

Last edition’s featured artist Linus (@linusandhiscamera on Twitter and Instagram) has been closely following social distancing guidelines while still finding time to create. In the pictures above, he simply called his friends, visited their houses, and took some long distance shots outside their windows. I really love the colors in these photos, and the dream-like quality they give off. This idea is super cool, and seems fairly easy to execute! 

Number 3: Bella Newman

This 21-year-old photographer is a student at New York University, and like many other college students this Spring, had to travel home from the rest of the semester. Bella Newman, a film major at NYU, has not let this stop her from continuing her projects, though. In quarantine, she’s been creating a photo diary to capture her time at home, and has found great inspiration in the farmlands of central pennsylvania. Although a big switch from the bustle of New York City, Newman has been able to capture some incredible images, such as the ones featured above. It’s amazing to see how she had used simple objects in her home and turned them into such stunning photographs. There’s a great Vogue article about her work; check it out here!

These are just three of the artists that I’ve seen embrace the quarantine and social distancing in their artwork, but there are many others who are doing the same, and you can too! Don’t let these crazy times interfere with the art you want to create, and maybe even try and use our situations to your advantage! Who knows, maybe you’ll come out with the best works you’ve ever seen. Happy creating!