by Zoe Nelson

#1: Shapes and Volumes

From bright blue heart-shaped gowns to shoulder pads and floaty ballroom dresses, fabric took many different forms on the runway.

#2: Plaid

This classic Dorothy style finally hit the catwalk. Funky collars and scarves also made an appearance alongside these colorful stripes. (My personal favorite: an all-pink ensemble including dangly earrings and high socks. Paris Hilton vibes!)

#3: Green Wave

Every hue from lime to olive to jade made waves through NYFW. Bright outfits gleamed with lighter shades of green, while deeper army greens created a dark, sulky look. 

#4: Veils

It’s hard to take your eyes off these statement headpieces, comprised of tulle, fishnet, or silk. Whether they trail down the back or cover the face, these wedding-style bonnets stood out against transparent skirts and heavily patterned gowns. 

#5: Capes

Not all heroes wear capes… but these ones do. Some designers went for a spooky Gothic vampire look, while others went for a more sleek and modern style. Now all we need is a gala invitation!