By: Anna Liu

Did you really think this would be a normal entry? Nope. It isn’t. 

This is the culmination of my loss of sanity,  with a side of fried brain cells served with severe memory loss.

Let’s recount something that happened to me a while ago. I was trying to live my own life, mind my own business, walk with my own 2 feet, when–you guessed it–I, um,

No. I didn’t trip. You thought I tripped? No! 

I’m too clumsy for that.

Instead, I rammed into someone, dropped my phone, with both people rolling down the stairs faster than you could say “sorry”.

And no, I didn’t say sorry, since I was too busy falling down the stairs with them.

What did I get out of this experience? Yep. A diagnosis of chronic stupidity and/or clumsiness.

Smash like and comment if you have it too. Oh wait. I forgot. You’re too clumsy to hit the right button. 

Well, I hope you didn’t lose too many brain cells reading this half-written article. And if you regret reading this, just know that I am not sorry at all.

Thank you for willingly wasting your time to read this article written by someone you probably don’t know. 

Sorry not sorry.